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Whether you are sitting around a fire or at your local watering hole with friends, curled up with a paperback or spinning a bedtime yarn on the fly – what matters is the story. The rest is just the distribution method. And thanks to eBooks, distribution just got a whole lot easier. Indie publishers have direct access to their readers. Readers have access to books at substantially reduced prices. And the trees are breathing a whole lot easier.

Pectopah Publications is excited to be part of it. But we haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater. We still believe in peer-review vetting, story editors, copy editors, graphic designers and publicity. We like plot development, complicated characters, poignant moments and some laughs. And like everyone else – we love a good story.

Oh dude, I so thought we were toast that time. I guess all those years playing Call of Duty weren’t a total waste.

Bertrand, Sacrifice the Living
BertrandSacrifice the Living

I did take it under advisement, and advised myself to ignore you pussies and do what needed to be done.

Bobs, Generation Apocalypse
BobsGeneration Apocalypse

But it's the middle of the afternoon. Rippers can't attack during the day.

Collin, Heretics Fall
CollinHeretics Fall

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