Sacrifice the Living (1000 Souls: Book One)


The end is now

People disappear. Bertrand’s coworkers mysteriously switch to the night shift. Politicians only give interviews after sunset. The economy crashes. The power fails. Yet Bertrand couldn’t accept that civilization was collapsing until they came for him.

Rippers—thousands of humans infected with parasites that produce vampire-like side effects—roam Chicago at night, feeding on the unsuspecting or attacking people in their homes, driving them out to be pursued by hordes of the famished.

Bertrand recruits his friends, determined to warn and unite his fellow humans against this global threat. But his street battles against ripper mobs make him a target for the architect of the apocalypse. Bertrand must track down and destroy this malevolent force before it can impose a new world order, one in which the living are to be sacrificed to feed the dead.

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The Book of Bertrand, Apocalypse Revolution




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