GENERATION APOCALYPSE: No one dies of old age (1000 Souls: Book Two)

by Michael Andre McPherson

He had just turned ten when the world ended. At first it was fun, because some of the teachers stopped showing up at school. The principal, tall and angry, kept stuffing the students into the gym to watch movies, promising each day that the next would be normal. Instead, fewer and fewer of Tevy’s friends came to school, and one day neither did the principal.


Kayla had worried about homesickness when she showed up at Atherley College, but by the second week she was more concerned about where she could buy a gun. Her roommate, Ashley, had gone missing, and there was talk of a serial killer hunting around the campus. The police said they shouldn’t worry, that Ashley had probably just succumbed to the strain of college and headed down south to live on the streets of Toronto or maybe even Chicago.