HERETICS FALL: Hell hath no fury (1000 Souls: Book Three)

by Michael Andre McPherson

Orphaned during the Battle of Chicago when she was eight, Margaret spent her early teen years ensconced at St. John’s, a fortress far to the north. While Margaret loves her adoptive parents, she quietly craves revenge against the commander of the Redemption Brigade for ordering her mother’s murder.

But after a decade of peace, a new army of rippers–humans infected with parasites that produce vampire-like side effects–threatens St. John’s, forcing Margaret to leave the home she loves and travel south with Collin, an envoy from Chicago, in order to seek help. Margaret, long assumed dead by the Redemption Brigade, must conceal her true identity from Collin even as they fall in love.

Together, they must rise above intrigue and sectarian rivalries, and survive battle and assassination attempts. Faced with betrayal and death, they will be forced to raise a horror from the past, and Margaret will at last discover the true reason for her mother’s murder. It will change everything except Margaret’s desire for revenge.